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10 Tips to Online Content Writing Success

Being a successful online content writer is not an exact formula. Some things work for some writers while other strategies work for other writers. There are several universal factors to online content writing success. The following 10 tips will help you incorporate these factors in to your work to become more successful as an online article writer.

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a major factor in any online content piece. Learn all you can about SEO and make sure that your articles are optimized to climb the search engine ranks and be found by the readers.

2. Styles and Guidelines – The rules of any site that pays you to produce content are their basic requirements. If you can’t follow the rules and guidelines you won’t be successful as on online content writer. You have to provide the client with the content they are paying you for.

3. Diversify – To be successful as an online content writer it is important to make sure that you have multiple income streams. Try different opportunities, look for upfront flat rate payments and residual income opportunities as a content writer to make sure that you are not only earning today, but are also going to earn in the future on pieces that you write now.

4. Learn – The world of online content is constantly changing and evolving. Learn from other writers, learn from books and learn from your own mistakes. Always seek to improve your writing skills as well as your business sense to be a success in your career.

5. Time Management – As an online content writer you likely find yourself writing at all times of the day and night. In order to make sure that every piece you write is the best it can be it is important to manage your time so that you don’t become burnt out or so exhausted that you can’t put two words together. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you should work every waking minute.

6. Network – The support and advice from other online content writers can improve your writing success tremendously. When you are having a day of frustration or writers block other writers can often help provide a bit of levity or helpful advice to work through your problem.

7. Write – If you don’t have assignments or something that has to be completed you may feel as if you can take the day off. That one day could turn into two or three and before you know it you have no money coming in and you haven’t written for a month. Make yourself write something every day. Even if it is just a blog post or a sample piece to add to your portfolio.

8. Promote – Share links to your work, to your blogs and to your website. Promote not only your work, but yourself as a professional content writer.

9. Organization – Working from home as an online content writer can easily lead to being disorganized and scattered. Keep all of your writing supplies, notes, and other things in one place for easy access and a streamlined method of productivity. You could spend 20 minutes shuffling through pieces of paper for the link that you want to use for a reference or you could spend that extra 20 minutes polishing the article to make it even better after you plug in the link that was right where it was supposed to be.

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