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Top Content Writing Tools

In addition to creating leads for your inbound funnel, you’re also a content writer as a marketer. You are aware that content is crucial for almost every aspect of what you do, whether for your paid advertisements, blog posts or to power your email marketing. Additionally, your content must be original, error-free, and SEO-optimized if you want people to see and interact with it.

However, it might be challenging to produce that kind of content consistently. To make up a consistent content strategy, numerous blog posts per month, guest posts for websites, landing pages, social media posts, and paid advertisements.

Top Content Writing Tools

Answer The Public

Answer You can learn what people are searching for on the web when it comes to your target keyword with The Public’s freemium tool. After entering your seed keyword, click “Search.” In order to generate a list of content ideas based on actual searches, the tool scrapes through Google’s autocomplete search suggestions.

The sheer number of content ideas in Answer The Public is challenging to find in another free app, which is something we like. When “home security cameras” is entered, the tool provides a variety of suggestions based on the search intent. Some of them, like “what home security cameras work with Alexa,” have a high purchase intent. Others, like “are home security cameras admissible in court,” have mixed intentions.


One of the best spelling and grammar checkers on the market, Grammarly is an excellent addition to the toolkit of any content creator or marketer. Spelling and grammar are crucial for SEO, and they have an impact on user experience as well. You don’t have to rely on old-fashioned tools like Microsoft Word Spell Check to improve your content. A simple-to-use online writing assistant called Grammarly is available as a Chrome browser extension.

Grammarly will not only point out obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, but it will also recommend more complex grammar changes that you can make to better and optimize your content as a whole. Even the tone of your content will be picked up, and it will make suggestions and edits for you.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app is arguably the most popular content-writing tool used by writers worldwide. This tool’s user interface is straightforward to use. As a result, it ranks among the most widely used text editors available today. It has a number of features that give your content absolute clarity and crispness. Features like readability and various text colors to highlight multiple flaws are present.

For instance, they draw attention to the overuse of adverbs, adjectives, and pointless jargon. Draw attention to any sentences that are too difficult for readers to understand. Along with a count of the words, there are many other features. They contribute to making your content much more engaging and impactful.

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