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What are social media marketing services?

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networksand applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around: Establishing a social mediapresence on major platforms. Creating shareable content and advertorials.

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Work with a Certified Facebook Partner

A Facebook partner can make all the difference.

Our SMM experts are all certified. When it comes to social media marketing, we know how Facebook & its’ tools work.

Whether you are in ecommerce, home services, technology, retail, dentistry, or B2B, you will benefit working with MetrixSEO

We find The right audiences

Don’t spend countless hours and resources on targeting the wrong audiences. Let our SMM services work for you. We guarantee to find the people already searching for your services

Content Marketing Machine

Create a content marketing machine. By curating content your customers will see you as an authority in your niche. This will increase not only trust but brand awareness

Build up your brand

Get seen by sharing high quality content, videos, images & guest posts. Our content marketing strategy is designed to attract attention from influencers & micro influencers in your niche.

Unleash Your Potential Using Our Social Media Marketing Services

Why use social media marketing Services?

You can reach a huge number of targeted customers which makes the world of social media the ideal place to grow your online business. Social networks are dynamic in nature and in constant change.

Which is why it’s so important not to miss out. While it’s been clear for many smart business owners how important and profitable leveraging social media has become. Not everyone is sure how to start.

If you are still unsure of the benefits and financial impact social media marketing can have. Or even just want to know how to get started. Contact us today.

3 steps to social media marketing success

3 steps to social media marketing success
A proven methodology
We know it works because our campaigns are backed by audience data & ad-targeting solutions.
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Laser targeting
We build creative, engaging ads to your most receptive audiences using the best social media marketing practices.
3 steps to social media marketing success
Expert SMM Team
Certified social media specialists are crafting your campaigns all the way. We’ve got you from start to finish.

Grow your brand with Our #1 SMM Services

Our social media marketing services are handled by experts.

Laser Target your audience with Social Media Marketing Services

If you’re looking to grow you brand online & take your business to the next level then try Social Media Marketing.

If you are looking to communicate directly with your audience to forge strong relationships then SMM could be the way forward for you.

Our social media services are designed to tap into a new vein of customers all already searching for your products or services.

We are an  SEO agency with years of experience in comeptetive Social Media Marketing and brand awareness

Our SMM Services will help you build authority online. Leave the technical aspects of this to us while you continue running your business.

What Can Social Media do for your business?

Use High Quality Posts & Fresh Content to grow online

Post For Your Business
We’ll post news, promotions and relevant content using the best social media tools. Your brand will become more familiar favorite to your audience.

Grow Your Digital Footprint
Our work encourages brand mentions and interaction for your business. When brand’s interact with fans, everyone connected to both can see.

Larger Business Network
Socially active businesses grow bigger networks and have more opportunity. Our software helps your business become leaders in their space.

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Be Smarter! Use SMM Services to Target the Audience Looking For You online.

  • By leveraging the detailed information Facebook knows about each user, we reach a very specific audience with a high-affinity for your products or services offered.
  • Depending on your  goals, ads can be targeted to very specific niches or wider audiences. In both cases the ads reach the right people.
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Let Us Tell the world Your Story

Your brand has a story, and our SMM Services help you tell that story in a clear way through tracking analytics. We’ll use your narrative to uncover market behavior or more sales opportunities.

Our data will help you determine what posts and interactions work, what audiences think of your content or products, where most of your leads are coming from, and how to improve your services through direct monitoring. We build your social media campaigns to a wider audience while you build relationships.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Professional SEO Services & SEO Services from MetrixSEO. Local SEO Solutions
SMM Consulting
First lets put a plan into action. Talk with us and tell us what you need. If you like to manage your own social campaigns and need a little help. Just say the word! If you need us to design and build you a full blown social media campaign. Talk to us to see what plan works best for you.
Professional SEO services like keyword research
Then it’s all about branding. You have to look good online. Without a solid reputation and a memorable look, you’re nobody! But by building a brand people trust you generate a loyal following. This way you get to capitalise on the lifetime value of your customers.
Professional SEO Services & Local SEO Services like reporting
Online Voice
Now we have to find your online voice. Your unique point of view that keeps your followers captivated. We’ll help you set the tone and establish the right voice online. But keeping with the original ideology of the brand. I.e We wont squeeze your brand to fit into a voice it doesn’t belong to.
Professional SEO & SEO services From MetrixSEO local seo solutions
Social Media monitoring
We’ll keep our ears to the ground! We scour through the social networks & find out who’s talking about you. More importantly, what they’re saying about you & what they think, & ultimately whether it’s positive. That way we guarantee you are always in front of the conversation, ready to help whenever you need to.
seo services and professional seo services
Paid Advertising
We use social advertising to generate new leads or spark interest surrounding a new event or product. We also use the power or re-targeting to make sure your potential/existing customers have you by their side every step of the way. Typically we leverage the marketing power of Facebook & LinkedIn ads or sponsored Youtube.
local seo solutions & Professional SEO services & SEO Services
Cross Posting
We shout your brands message from the rooftops to maximise visibility and brand awareness. Our suite of cutting edge tools will effortlessly post across all of your desired social networks. This way you wont lose out on a stream of potential sales.
seo services metrixseo
Online PR
We are ready to go public! We are going to take your brand out and get it mentioned. Start creating a buzz online! Other brands do it, why not you? The difference with us is, we can get your brand seen out at all the right places. Making your brand the one people are talking about.
Professional SEO & SEO Services such as analytics
We run your campaign like clockwork with some of the best social media tools in the industry. And because we love numbers we crunch all the data from your campaigns. This way we can improve and adapt at a moments notice. We will issue you with detailed reports. So, you can monitor the progress.

Our SMM Packages

Get started with our Social Media Marketing services. Includes profile and tracking setup for Facebook, as well as content generation for Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We offer full service social media management.

£699/month + Ad budget £100 minimum
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Social Media Playbook Creation
  • Communications Objective
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Communication Guideline
  • Tailored Audiences up to 5
  • Content Strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Message Flowchart for Comments and Private Message Management
  • Accounts Creation and Optimization
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Professionally Designed Account Graphics for Twitter and LinkedIn / Cover video for Facebook
  • Ads included
  • Monthly Content Plan
  • Objectives and Communication Guideline Calibration
  • Vertical Themes for Content
  • Audience Revisit
  • Content Creation & Posting
  • 8 x High-quality graphic posts every month
  • 1 ad will be for Page Promotion
  • 5 ads will be for Post Engagement
  • 2 ads will run for one of the following objectives: Brand Awareness, Traffic, or Lead Generation
  • Monthly Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  • Monitoring and 24-hour Reply Protocol for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Social Media Reporting for Facebook
  • Crossposting to Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Page and Ads Monitoring
  • Insights Creation

Why Our Social Media Marketing Solutions Are Right For Your Business.

MetrixSEO’s social media marketing solutions go far and beyond running successful facebooks ads campaigns. We implement a content curation strategy to keep your social profiles engaging and relevant. Make your social media work harder and bring in the leads you deserve.

For more information, send us a few details and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We will even throw in a FREE Social Media Audit to show you how we, as an agency, would handle your campaign. So contact us today!

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